Yippie! My Mag has been making tweaks and we’re growing — so we’re excited for you to finally see what we’ve had in the works.

To start, we’ve created a fresh logo. It was time for a change! We refined the name (formally My Magazine) to My Mag, which has become a commonly used nickname among readers and we really, really love it (thank you!). You’ll also notice we intertwined “Molly” into the logo. As our founder, editor-in-chief, and face of the brand, we wanted to connect the dots for new readers and for the logo to represent just how much this platform is an extension of Molly’s personality.

As for the digital side, mollymymag.com (formally mollymy.com) was created to bridge the gap with print and we can’t wait for you to dig in. The website complements our bi-annual issues, bringing the same quality of content into the digital space. This will allow us all to stay connected and offer you even more lifestyle goodness! Within the community, you’ll see content written by Molly, our team, expert-in-field contributors, and even some of our readers too! If you’re interested in submitting content (art, story, etc.) for consideration, we’d love to check out your work. You can email us at editorialasst@mollymy.com.

Whether it’s taking a deeper dive into Molly’s favorite things, or finding the resources we believe in and have tested that elevate the amazing person you already are, we’re making everything digitally accessible.

Keep in mind, the site will continue to grow much more as we roll out new offerings and partnerships, so be sure to stay up to date! Remember, you can join our newsletter for the latest.

Thank you for inspiring us to tackle challenges as we find new ways that celebrate every day with you!



Logo design by: Yinan Xia
Illustrations by: Elizabeth Gu