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My Mag is a bi-annual lifestyle magazine for women. It is highly curated and equally as down-to-earth as it is inspirational, as it encourages readers to create and seek out life’s most beautiful things and moments. Through original content and expert contribution, My Mag enables its readers to be fearless in their pursuit of what makes them happiest.

My Mag believes in the power of print and wisdom through words, which strengthen its commitment to spreading ideas to and with you. When the magazine is in your hands, a connection is made that is unmatched by the fast paced, digital world in which we live.

Advice doesn’t have to make people feel as if their way isn’t correct or good enough. My Mag is built on the foundation of encouraging positivity and individuality. In fact, scientific studies have even shown that print can be a bonus for your brain and health! My Mag is your mag. Come as you are and create a lifestyle that celebrates every day — subscribe to My Mag today.


1When do issues come out?
Our summer issue is on stands from June to September and winter is on stands from December to March.
2Where can I find My Mag on stands?
My Mag is available on stands nationwide from grocery chains to bookstores. Locations vary by state. We recommend starting at the nearest Barnes and Noble. Also, feel free to reach out to our team at info@mollymy.com, include your zip code, and we can help you find a retailer that sells My Mag in your area.
3When are your subscription deadlines? By issue? Or yearly?
My Mag’s mailing list is finalized about one month before you see the issue on stands. If you’re interested in the summer issue, please subscribe by May 1, and for winter by November 1. Our team doesn’t control these deadlines, and if you have a last minute problem while ordering please let us know ASAP. If you subscribe for a full year, expect the two calendar issues matching your order cut-off dates. For summer and winter in the same calendar year, subscribe by May 1. And earlier orders are always appreciated!
4How do I resubscribe?
You’ve come to the right place! Resubscribe on our website and hit the auto-resubscribe button to stay up to date on future issues.
5What should I do about my subscription if I move?
How exciting! Log into your account here and you can update your address. Remember that we need final addresses about a month before you’ll get the magazine, so if you’re moving at a time close to this, please contact info@mollymy.com and we can update if it’s not too late.
6How do I know if my subscription is still active? I can’t remember if I’ve already purchased or renewed.
With our new My Account system, you can log in here and see if your subscription is still active. It’s easy to check if you’ve already purchased or renewed. Alternatively, use the search bar in your inbox to look for a confirmation email from My Mag. Remember that subscriptions are annual so from your date of purchase you should receive the two magazines for the year corresponding to order date. If you’re still not sure, reach out to our team at info@mollymy.com and we can confirm your order and subscription expiration.
7I haven’t received the new issue, but I know I’m subscribed and have seen the magazine in stores. Where’s my copy?
We’re sorry to hear that your issue isn’t there yet. All subscriptions have been mailed and if you see My Mag on stands, yours is out for delivery. Sometimes the postal service takes longer than other times, especially around busy holiday seasons. Wait a little longer, but don’t hesitate to reach out to our team at info@mollymy.com with additional questions.
8How long will it take until I receive my subscription?
Domestic mailing (United States) can take up to six weeks and international mailing may be 2-5 months. Many subscribers will receive within the first two weeks of June and December, respectively. For immediate content, check out our website articles or consider ordering My Mag on Kindle through amazon.com.
9I received a magazine but believe my subscription expired, what do I do?
Lucky day! Our mistake! It’s rare that we have missent magazines. Likely, your name will be removed after that issue, but feel free to resubscribe and/or let us know at info@mollymy.com.
10I’m a subscriber from before the new website. How do I create an account? What should I do if I have questions about my subscription and do not have an account yet?
Thanks for sticking with us! And good catch! Yes, the My Account feature is new and if you have ordered from us before May 2020, you will not have an account until you set one up. You can create an account at any time here, but your subscription details will only be visible once you purchase a subscription through the new site. If you are part of our in-between group, to update your address, check subscription details, or with any other questions, please reach out to info@mollymy.com and we will be happy to help! From your next renewal on, your account portal will be available with subscription info.
11I love My Mag and want to share it with a friend! Can I deliver to a different place than my billing address?
Yes! You can send My Mag to everyone you know! When you check out in our online store, you’ll be asked to enter both billing and shipping addresses. Be sure to check the box “This is a gift” and enter your giftee's email address. We’ll let them know My Mag is on its way! And if you forget to change the shipping address for your friend, as long as you realize before our mailing deadlines, just email info@mollymy.com and our team will correct it.
12I’m interested in contributing to My Mag! Who should I contact? What should I do?
It makes us happy to know that you want to share with the community! We’re a network of creators and would love to hear what you’re thinking. For single contributions or features, please send your ideas to editorialasst@mollymy.com and we will reach out if there’s a fit. Specify print or digital, if you have a preference. Also, if you’re providing expert opinions, we would like a short summary of your qualifications. If you’re interested in interning or working for My Mag, please send resumes to Molly at molly@mollymy.com and we’ll be in touch.
13I saw the “Pursuing Passions” section in the magazine and want to nominate someone. How do I do this?
Great! We can’t wait to learn about them. Send nominations with relevant biography, social media, websites, and related content to editorialasst@mollymy.com and we will reach out if there’s a fit.
14I’m an advertiser or marketer and would love to partner with Molly My and My Mag. Who do I contact?
From advertising features in print to social collaborations, Molly loves to work brands and collaborators and My Mag offers a fun and dynamic platform. Please email Molly at molly@mollymy.com and we’ll follow up shortly.